E-WM Suite

SofTec's E-WM suite is the answer to your administrative and human resources process problems. The E-WM suite provides a holistic approach to streamline your workforce management needs from pre-hire activities to post-employment tasks. SofTec's E-WM suite helps your organization evaluate, hire, develop, manage, motivate, and retain committed employees by automating workflows.

Through our experience, we have found our clients appreciate knowing the status of our hiring process; therefore we have invested 10,000 man-hours in creating a web-based integrated workforce management system, E-WM Suite. E-WM Suite filters the resumes we receive in our online database, R2S, and streamlines the employment process by automating the hiring steps and giving clients immediate access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to the status of the staffing process for each open position.

E-WM Suite includes several stages:

  • Pre-Hire: Applicant information is summarized for quick review and status check.
  • Hiring: Updates on each applicant's hiring process is detailed throughout final hire paperwork.
  • Employee Management: Anniversary dates and development / training plans are tracked by each employee through email alerts, which notify management when a milestone is approaching.
  • Employee Motivation: Information on staff bonuses and completed training courses is always available when needed.
  • Post-Employment: Exit interviews and re-hire eligibility notes are tracked by each employee for future reference and follow-up on a case-by-case basis.

E-WM system is your central employee database for all departments: Recruiting, HR, Payroll, and Management. Through the E-WM system, these departments can seamlessly communicate, increasing efficiencies in work processes and improving your bottom-line.

E-WM Suite Benefits:

  • Cross department communication
  • Exception based reporting - focus on backlogs
  • Compliant - EEOC compliant hiring process
  • Central employee database
  • Remote access
  • Automates "paperwork chasing"
  • Standardizes employee files
  • Speed up the hiring process
  • Efficiently communicate with all employees
  • Free up HR resources
  • Energize your staff
  • Find top-notch employees and keep them
  • Boost company profitability