Information Security

SofTec Solutions offers tailored security solutions to protect vital organizational information. We bring years of experience in the Information Technology and security industries to focus on the issues facing your organization. We believe that having a well-designed Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA) in place positively contributes to your organization’s bottom line.

Why SofTec Solutions?

Consulting companies that project the “one size fits all” approach try to shoehorn their software product set into your organization’s environment. This is because many of these companies have reseller agreements with security hardware and software vendors.

SofTec Solutions takes a different approach; we do not sell security hardware or software and we do not believe in entering into any reseller agreements with security hardware or software vendors to push their products and services.

SofTec Solutions remains an independent company to better offer suggestions on the best hardware and software solutions for your environment based on our experience and expertise in the data security business.

Curriculum Development

The cornerstone of our approach is the SECUREPLAN security assessment. SECUREPLAN is a detailed assessment methodology that covers six major areas of your security posture. These areas are:

  • Organization
  • Documentation
  • Education
  • Network Protection
  • Incident Response
  • Security Management

By assessing your security posture in these six areas, SofTec Solutions can build a complete picture of the overall effectiveness of the security measures currently in place. This allows us to make informed and knowledgeable recommendations regarding the additional steps which may be necessary to ensure an effective ESA is deployed.

Let SofTec Solutions help you build an Enterprise Security Architecture that is right for your business, and protects your organization's critical information assets.