Leading technology companies including Apple, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Lenovo, McAfee, Microsoft, Sony, Symantec, and VMware, along with hundreds of others, depend on SofTec Solutions, Inc. (SofTec) to bring their products to market.

Doing business with SofTec gives buyers access to a wide array of technology products, including: networking devices, server and storage hardware, notebooks and desktop computers, printers and scanners, HD TVs, cameras, peripheral products and accessories, power devices, operating systems and security, business intelligence, and other office productivity software applications. These products are offered in conjunction with a comprehensive range of services, technical training, and productivity enhancing e-business tools to help the buyer operate their business more efficiently.

A broad product portfolio and range of services gives SofTec ‘The Difference in Reselling’; but the fundamentals of sound leadership, a strong code of ethics, and corporate governance of the highest integrity, have enabled SofTec to thrive and grow in a tough economy.