Quality Assurance

At SofTec, we understand the value and importance of standardization, quality management, and process improvement. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is ISO 9001:2008 certified and consists of quality control processes that are repeatable and reliable, ensuring quality is achieved on a consistent basis both internally and externally. Our ISO certification establishes our way of doing business is systematic and quantifiable, so we can guarantee our customers the highest quality services and deliverables. Our Management Team is continuously monitoring, controlling, and improving our quality management system in order to deliver the best quality services that exceed our Clients’ expectations.

Quality Management System Model

The QMS is a cycle of continual process improvement. Requirements are input into the cycle by customers, team members, or as the result of quality control measurements. These requirements are analyzed, measured, and improved upon if needed. Using performance metrics, our approach allows us to identify, diagnose, and resolve problems often before end users are even aware of a need for correction. Our Clients feel confident relying on SofTec because our processes are certified by internationally accepted standards to ensure the highest quality deliverables.