Data Warehousing

SofTec Solutions has the business knowledge, methodologies and technical expertise to turn your organization’s operational data into informational assets.

Companies have built information systems to automate operational processes and as a result, they have been collecting, storing, and maintaining large quantities of data. This data represents years of information about the business’ relationships with its customers, yet it has not been leveraged to make informed, bottom-line decisions.

The major reason is that this data usually resides in multiple systems, files, and databases that are not integrated and are difficult to access. When a company turns large volumes of data into integrated and accessible information, this data becomes an asset, generating significant returns on investment.

Our Methodology

Data warehousing and data mart development is unique to each of our clients. Our knowledge-based methodology, combined with our professional, expert consultants, is the key to the success of your data warehousing initiative.

Our consultants know how to approach the problem, have proven skills and expertise in building decision-enabling solutions, and understand your business environment, allowing us to craft a tailored solution.

Our data warehousing development methodology:

  • Identifies and involves your decision makers from the inception
  • Develops a working prototype
  • Is open to all data warehousing tools
  • Compresses cycle time to gather and prioritize business requirements
  • Addresses cultural and procedural issues
  • Transfers knowledge to your employees